Tour Supplies

Supplies & Consumables

We have a small but well stocked shop here, carrying all sorts of useful tour supplies and consumables, such as bass, electric and acoustic guitar strings; picks and slides; drum sticks & brushes; 9v, AA, AAA and large batteries; fluoro, gaffa, PVC tape; wingnuts; tension rods; a wide range of drum heads; 1/8" & 1/4" jack, XLR, phono, MIDI cables and a variety of splits and changers; work gloves; tools, podgers etc. 

We can also supply a range of drum cases, IEM systems, microphones, stands, speakers etc, for either personal, tour or installation use. 

You can also order a limited range for worldwide shipping through our online supplies shop The Tour Store, available here.  

We can supply standalone orders, or prep a shop order ready for your rehearsal or tour, loaded into your room or van as required.