About Ooosh Tours

Ooosh Tours came to life in 2008. It was started by Jon Wood who worked for many years as a tour manager and driver before noticing a gap in the Brighton market for self-drive splitters and backline hire. A deal was struck with a local rehearsal room for storage and office space, and things grew quickly from there. 

As more vehicles were added to the fleet and the backline stock continued to grow (including diversification into PA and staging), a move to a bigger premises in 2010 was followed by a move in 2015 to our current 7200 sq ft location which also saw the introduction of The Loft production / rehearsal rooms. 

We now have 6 full-time staff; 20+ self-drive vehicles; all the backline you could imagine (including endorsement supply); two top-end rehearsal rooms; and a growing list of internationally renowned clients enjoying our excellent customer service.


We're mindful of the impact that global travel has on our planet and want to positively contribute to mitigating that impact. Fundamentally we believe that a hire company is green at its heart, encouraging use of common resources rather than individual ownership. Our vision is to put sustainability at the forefront of every business decision we make.

  • Our self-drive fleet has the highest EURO-6 engines for the most efficient use of fuel
  • We use electric vehicles for our local equipment deliveries whenever possible and keep a close eye on developing technologies - as soon as we can have an all-electric fleet, we will!
  • We invite clients to offset their tour carbon emissions through our partners Forests Without Frontiers
  • We source our warehouse energy from the greenest company we can and use energy saving bulbs throughout
  • We hire out and encourage the use of rechargeable batteries rather than single-use batteries (aiming to phase out sale and supply of single-use batteries by end of 2023)
  • Almost all our day-to-day operations are now paperless and we recycle as much as we can
  • We use (and supply) paper-based tape wherever possible versus using PVC tape
  • We use Who Gives A Crap toilet paper (use this link for a £5 discount on your first order!)
  • We've started work on turning nearly 500sq ft of unused yard space into a rewilding / natural habitat - aiming to complete by end of Q1 2024

Tying all this together we have joined the 1% For The Planet movement, pledging to donate 1% of our annual turnover to environmental causes to help protect our planet. We are proud to work with Forests Without Frontiers as our chosen partner.

We are always looking to innovate in this area and want to lead the industry in making sustainability our core focus of business. We would welcome any feedback, suggestions or offers to partner in this area - please do contact us with your comments.